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PointsBet USA has been sued in a class action lawsuit alleging that PointsBet falsely advertised that customers could make "Risk-Free" bets on its platform. Many customers thought that placing a "Risk-Free" bet meant that they could get their money back if they lost. But, many customers discovered that these bets were not truly "Risk-Free," and many lost all the money they wagered despite PointsBet's "Risk-Free" promise.

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PointsBet is Accused of Falsely Advertising that Customers Could Make "Risk Free" Bets

The federal complaint, available here, alleges that PointsBet engaged in a deliberate campaign to entice consumers to its platform with empty promises of “risk-free” promotions and “refunds” if the comsumers’ bets failed to secure winnings. However, the complaint explains how consumers would later learn that if they lost their “risk-free” bets, PointsBet merely offered limited-duration vouchers that could only be used to place a second round of bets. These vouchers could not be exchanged for cash, could not be withdrawn, and expired after only 30 days.

Only if users won their second round of bets at disfavored odds could they hope to recoup losses associated with their initial bets — making this offer anything but “risk-free.”

The complaint alleges violations of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act (Colo. Rev. Stat. §§6-1-101, et seq.), negligent misrepresentation, intentional misrepresentation, fraudulent inducement, quasi contract/unjust enrichment/restitution, and violation of N.Y. Gen. Bus. Law §§349 & 350.


If you created an account with PointsBet, whether via its website, mobile app, or third-party platform, and signed up for a PointsBet account and placed bets on its platform using codes from promotional offers, you may be eligible for compensation.

We are currently in the early stages of this case and are seeking information from people who have experience with PointsBet and its "Risk-Free" promotions. If you signed up for PointsBet due to one of their promotions, we invite you to contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

When filling out the form below, be sure to include the following details:

  • When you signed up for PointsBet.
  • Amounts wagered after you signed up for the promotion, and whether you won or lost the bets.
  • Did you place a sports bet online where a defined amount was promoted as "Risk-Free"?

If you signed up for PointsBet due to their "Risk Free" betting promotion, you may be eligible to join this class action lawsuit. Fill out the form below to find out whether you may be eligible for compensation.

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