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On August 1, 2023, Joel Dietz sued Consensys, Aaron Davis, Joe Lubin, and Dan Finlay, alleging that Dietz was an original founder of the project that was renamed, MetaMask, and that the defendants acted together to deny Dietz his ownership stake and the associated profits. We are interested in speaking with people who have knowledge of the allegations in the complaint, including any journalists who have been threatened as described in the complaint.

Joel Dietz v. Consensys Inc., Consensys Software, Inc., Consensys AG, Joseph Lubin, Aaron Davis, and Daniel Finlay

The first paragraph of the Complaint reads as follows:

Introduction to Complaint Against MetaMask

As alleged in the Complaint, the partnership was documented in multiple ways, including in writing and in the form of multiple videos of the three partners explaining their cryptocurrency wallet project. One video was submitted to Y Combinator, one of the country’s most successful technology accelerators.

As an aside, in what is now perhaps one of the most ill-advised “passes” by a venture fund, Y Combinator declined to invest in the project:

Y Combinator Rejection

The Complaint details the full history before and after the application to Y Combinator, including various threats allegedly made by Defendants to reporters (see Complaint, par. 77, 85, 86, 96, 119, and 128). Dietz has now filed a lawsuit in San Francisco to recover the value of his share of the Vapor partnership, which the Complaint alleges was renamed "MetaMask" (see Complaint, par. 11). The full version of the filed Complaint may be downloaded HERE.

Who Is Joel Dietz?

Dietz is a serial entrepreneur, an intellectual historian, a researcher, a writer, and has been described by his peers as someone who has been involved with some of the most important projects in the realm of blockchain, including projects that examine how blockchain can impact society, culture, and the future of humanity. You can read more about Joel and his contributions to the cryptocurrency industry HERE.

We want to hear from you

Joel Dietz’s attorneys, Kronenberger Rosenfeld, LLP, are interested in hearing from anyone who has knowledge about the allegations in the complaint. Kronenberger Rosenfeld has stated that they will work to protect the whistleblower protections for any persons who contact them.

Specifically, Kronenberger Rosenfeld, LLP is interesting in hearing from people on these topics:

  • Anyone who knows facts related to the allegations in the complaint;
  • Any journalists who may have been threatened by Consensys, Joe Lubin, or any other defendant, as detailed in the complaint;
  • Anyone with information about allegations about how Joe Lubin may have been able to use his influence with the Ethereum Foundation to enable Consensys to unfairly monetize Ethereum Foundation-funded projects.

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