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Each of our attorneys has a unique education and background that contributes to our specialized expertise. This varied skill set allows us to provide expert-level counsel on a wide range of swiftly evolving legal challenges. Unlike less team-focused firms, our services are the result of intimate collaboration amongst our staff, bringing the full weight of the firm’s expertise to bear on every challenge.

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Karl Kronenberger

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Jeffrey M. Rosenfeld

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Ginny Sanderson

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Liana Chen

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Kate Hollist

Senior Associate
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Kelly Mulcahy

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Ruben Peña

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Leah Vulić

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It helps to have a team of aggressive litigators and savvy transactional attorneys skilled in navigating federal and state laws—but for any of these qualities to matter you need good judgment.

It is this good judgment that has led us to groundbreaking rulings regarding advertising law and privacy compliance, ad networks and affiliate marketing, online speech and defamation, trademark and copyright infringement, false advertising and deceptive trade practices, copyright, and more. Whatever your legal problem is, we’ve probably handled it in the past.

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