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Kronenberger Rosenfeld has a strong history of legal expertise in the realm of online technology, advertising, and e-commerce law. We stay at the forefront of rapidly evolving changes in technology, business models, laws, and our client’s needs.

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We’re the leading internet law firm in the country

Our seasoned attorneys are thought leaders and all have deep expertise and winning track records in technology and internet law.

We focused on "internet law" before most firms knew that such a thing existed. With the reputation of being thought leaders, creative problem solvers, and assertive litigators, Kronenberger Rosenfeld is responsible for groundbreaking rulings regarding spam, domain name litigation, the DMCA, internet trademark infringement and piracy, false advertising, deceptive trade practices, copyright, and more. We litigate in state and federal courts across the country, but prefer to keep our San Francisco-based office closest to the courts most prolific in creating laws about intellectual property, technology and the internet, specifically the Northern District of California and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Neighboring Silicon Valley, our firm is at the nexus of technology and law.

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We’re the right size to solve big online problems

Our manageable size keeps our overhead low while enabling us to efficiently provide a focused spectrum of internet legal services to our clients.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld responsibly staffs our cases and operates a high-tech “paperless” law office, relying on the latest in online communications, document management systems, and trial preparation software to create efficiencies and savings for the businesses we work with. Recognizing that legal fees aren’t ‘one size fits all’ for most of our clients, we provide variable billing options—including hourly rates, flat fees, and contingency fees—that meet their specific objectives and cash flow requirements. We also share some financial risks by combining lower fees with incentive payments upon achieving success milestones. In some situations, where low-income small businesses or artists are being taken advantage of by large corporations, we’ll fight their battle and look for creative ways to pay for the litigation.

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We’re like-minded advisors who speak your language

We know the vernacular and infrastructure of the internet, and how affiliate marketing and tech companies operate.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld has helped numerous clients grow from struggling internet startups to multi-million dollar enterprises with large IP portfolios. And we understand the risks, concerns, and potential rewards at every step along the way. We walk clients through estimated costs, likely timelines, emotional and financial risks, and potential outcomes. We won’t tell you what to do, but rather collaborate with you on the best path for your business. We’re committed to quickly returning calls and emails to keep you updated, as well as responding promptly to other online requests. Our trusted expertise will help minimize your risk, help get your disputes resolved, and get you back to focusing on growing your business.

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