May 17, 2019

Kronenberger Rosenfeld Launches Enhanced Trademark Monitoring Services

Kronenberger Rosenfeld now offers our clients enhanced trademark watch services, which are, essentially, services that monitor the use, application, and/or publication of marks that are confusingly similar to our clients’ marks. These services provide involve the creation of daily reports of any potentially confusing trademark applications, which we then analyze to determine if any are in fact confusingly similar to the mark we are watching on our client’s behalf.

For a trademark owner to maintain its rights in a mark, it must make reasonable efforts to protect against the unauthorized use of the mark. Oftentimes, however, a trademark owner does not become aware that a confusingly similar mark is being used until after incurring significant losses through sales of goods or services under the other mark, or until the other mark already gains its own protection through federal registration. Thus, major brands heavily rely on trademark watch services to help identify the unauthorized use of a confusingly similar mark early on, when the cost of enforcing a trademark owner’s rights tends to be much lower compared to after the infringing use has a chance to develop. If you are interested in our firm’s monitoring services, please contact us, and we can create a plan to your needs.

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