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AI Legal Compliance

AI presents massive opportunity for many types of businesses. Having a clear and coherent legal framework for AI implementation positions companies for high growth but with lower legal risk. Kronenberger Rosenfeld is at the forefront of cutting-edge legal issues arising from the use of AI, building legal compliance plans considering both US and international legal frameworks. We'd be happy to discuss your AI project and how our firm can help position you for growth with lower risk.

We advise companies on how to reduce overall legal risk when integrating AI into business products.

Companies are rushing to create new artificial intelligence (AI) products and services, or integrate AI into their existing products and services, considering recent advances in AI technology. Coinciding with this rapid growth are significant regulatory efforts in the US, the EU, and elsewhere, that create risks for companies that build AI products without proper legal planning.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld takes a methodical approach to building AI legal compliance plans. We consider all applicable legal authority, including FTC, CFBP, and other US agency guidelines, EU principles and regulatory frameworks, and various other international legal authorities. Our advice to clients is often focused on privacy and intellectual property, in close coordination with clients to ensure business-friendly legal compliance programs. The process starts with us identifying risks within current or proposed AI projects; thereafter, we create internal compliance plans including advice on how companies can continually govern their internal development according to the compliance plans. The compliance plans are all informed by key AI legal principles (Privacy, Accountability, Robustness, Security, Fairness, Explainability, and Human Oversight), but include mechanisms to continually identify and assess risks in products that often are continually developing.

Our objective is to provide clear and business-friendly legal advice about the use of AI, despite the current lack of legal clarity domestically and internationally.

Our legal advice to clients varies depending on the level of risk associated with our clients' particular projects. We place our client's AI projects into risk categories (Unacceptable Risk, High Risk, Limited Risk, Minimal or No Risk) and advise accordingly. For example, systems that assist with hiring or the management of workers, and chatbots advising on medical, health & fitness topics, are often high risk; chatbots used for financial advice or banking customer support, can be high risk or limited risk; and AI used in video games is often minimal or no risk.

Our goal is to help our clients with AI products thrive and grow with as few legal restrictions as possible, considering the diverse and quickly evolving AI legal landscape. As attorneys, we have great interest in AI legal issues, and even greater interest in finding ways for our clients with AI products to thrive.

To discuss how we can help with your AI legal compliance project, please call us at 415-955-1155, ext. 120, or submit your matter online.

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