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Trademark Infringement Lawyers

As the speed and availability of information, marketing, and commerce increases, so does the potential for trademark infringement and abuse. Platforms that empower legitimate actors to sell their own products also empower counterfeiters and other bad actors to infringe on your brand and chip away at your sales and reputation. Our team of experienced trademark infringement lawyers helps protect against the constantly-evolving techniques of infringers by fighting and winning cases for our clients.

Internet trademark infringement can take many forms.

Litigating trademark infringement claims for internet-related activity has been at the core of our law practice for more than a decade. Our trademark infringement lawyers have set precedent, proposed new infringement theories, and handled trademark claims involving venues such as the Amazon Marketplace and app stores.

We can help protect your trademarks against a wide array of infringement. Whether it’s counterfeiting, infringement in paid search ads, search engine spam, or cybersquatting, we can take rapid, decisive action on your behalf. Contact Us to learn more.

While counterfeiting and cybersquatting may be the most common forms of infringement of trademarks, they are not the only forms. Companies seeking an unfair advantage may incorporate the trademarks of their competitors into a wide array of online materials. The trademark infringement lawyers at Kronenberger Rosenfeld can help you distinguish between fair use of your trademarks and actionable infringement and can bring a quick halt to the latter.

As in our internet copyright enforcement practice, our knowledge of web technologies, and our experience negotiating and litigating trademark disputes give us an upper hand in representing our clients. Whether your trademark appears in a competitor's web pages, metadata, or pay-per-click ad text and keywords, we can help you understand the scope of the problem, and the most cost-effective solution. We do so quickly before the issue threatens your customer relations or the well-being of your business.

We can also help you track down occasional, evasive, or anonymous infringers and help develop policies and programs designed to weed out and prevent further infringement.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld's seasoned trademark infringement lawyers have experience litigating unique & challenging cases, and we are ready to discuss any infringement issues you may have. Please use our easy online case submission form or contact us via phone at (415) 955-1155, ext. 120.

  • Represented an online retailer of printer supplies in trademark lawsuit brought by a billion dollar printer manufacturer.
  • Represented a manufacturer of beauty supply products against the competitor. The firm defeated a motion for preliminary injunction, resulting in a judicial opinion that defined the contours of the First Sale Doctrine, Internet sales, and pay-per-click advertisements.
  • Successfully defended a web development company in a federal trademark lawsuit. After a five-day jury trial, the client defeated all of the plaintiff’s claims, and the jury found that the plaintiff did not have any valid trademark rights in its purported trademarks.
  • Represented an Internet marketer in a federal infringement of trademark lawsuit brought by Google. Negotiated early settlement of the case before the filing of responsive pleadings.
  • Represented a nation’s largest broker of moving and relocation services infringement lawsuit, where the firm used a “search engine spam” theory to prove infringement of trademarks by a bogus consumer review website that was profiting from the use of the client’s trademark throughout the defendant’s website.
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  • Represented a major online retailer of health and beauty products in trademark infringement lawsuit brought by a competing producer of teeth whitening products.
  • Defended a beverage manufacturer in a federal trademark infringement action brought by a large health and supplement company.
  • Represented a major managed hosting and collocation provider in trademark action involving the improper use of the client’s trademarks for the purpose of gaining commercial advantage in Internet search engines.
  • Represented a 70-year-old technology college in trademark claims against competitor.
  • Defended a financial services company in a federal trademark suit, which alleged that the client had misused its competitor’s trademarks in online advertisements.
  • Defended a provider of credit information services against allegations of infringement of trademark brought by a credit reporting business. The firm aggressively contested the credit reporting business’s rights in its purported trademark, including through the use of survey evidence. The parties ultimately settled the action after extensive discovery and motion practice.
  • Represented a car rental company in a trademark lawsuit against competitor. The competitor had used the car rental company’s name in its online advertisements and in the competitor’s website. Ultimately, the competitor was forced to declare bankruptcy during the lawsuit.
  • Defended a marketer of nutraceuticals in massive federal trademark lawsuit brought by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz. The plaintiffs alleged that the defendants had misused the Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz names and trademarks to market defendant’s nutraceuticals products. After the inception of litigation, the firm negotiated a settlement on behalf of the client.
  • Prosecuted a trademark opposition proceeding on behalf of an international travel agency. After litigating the opposition proceeding for several months, the firm prevailed on the Trademark Board to enter terminating sanctions against the trademark applicant and in favor of the firm’s client.
  • Represented an online auction company in trademark action against blogger who integrated client’s trademarks into the blog’s metadata. Resolved case through settlement including removal of content in question.
  • Represented an affiliate network in lawsuit against competitor involving Lanham Act claims. Resolved case on through stipulated judgment by defendants.
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