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Advertising Law

For almost 20 years, advertising law in the realm of digital media has been our specialty. Our advertising legal practice encompasses all forms of advertising communications in digital media, from conventional display and paid-search advertising, to contextual ads and advertorials, to lead generation and mobile traffic, to social media communications, to bulk mail and text messaging, to telemarketing campaigns. We provide advice on how to comply with state and federal advertising laws, and we also defend clients in class action lawsuits throughout the country that allege advertising claims.

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We provide trusted advertising law advice and advocacy in the realm of digital media.

Advertising in digital media has become essential for almost all businesses. However, the wide variety of advertising techniques, online platforms, and advertising technologies makes complying with the many state and federal advertising regulations and laws difficult.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld stands out because of its deep experience in legal compliance work and litigating advertising cases. This experience spans providing advice on complying with FTC rules and regulations and state laws, to defending clients in FTC investigations and lawsuits, to defending clients in advertising-related class action lawsuits, to representing business clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in false advertising litigation. Our clientele includes merchants, advertising networks, ad publishers, and advertising technology service providers.

We love the challenge of applying advertising law to complicated advertising technology, social media marketing, and new internet business models.

Our legal compliance work often starts with a detailed examination of the substantiation of our clients’ marketing claims. False marketing claims are often at the core of FTC litigation, so we use a methodical approach to document scientific and non-scientific claims made on sales pages, social media, communications, and product packaging.

We pay special attention to methods of marketing as well, including by ensuring compliance in email and telemarketing campaigns, contextual marketing and advertorials, and any marketing integrating consumer testimonials.

Our advertising litigation practice is highly informed by our years of providing legal compliance advice to clients. We defend class action lawsuits across the country that allege advertising claims, as well as defend TCPA and email spam cases in state and federal courts.

We are experts in the law of advertising, reflected in our expert witness testimony in the realm of FTC litigation and digital marketing law. We have authored The Essential Guide to FTC Compliance, Investigations, and Enforcement, The Legal Guide to Call Center and Telemarketing Lead Generation Operations, and we have taught multiple digital media advertising legal education courses. We have also created a helpful Advertising Law Checklist to assist businesses in identifying important advertising legal issues in their marketing operations.

We welcome you to submit the details of your advertising legal matter using our online case submission form or by calling us at 415-955-1155, ext. 120.
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