Friday 09 11, 2015

The Firm Files Lawsuit Against GoDaddy and Amazon Web Services for Hosting Ashley Madison Content

As featured in ABC News and Law360, Kronenberger Rosenfeld filed a lawsuit on behalf of three individuals against, LLC, Amazon Web Services and multiple anonymous defendants, relating to the recent, widely publicized anonymous theft of private consumer data from the adultery website and dating service, Ashley Madison. The lawsuit seeks a court order to disable the websites hosting the stolen data. While at least one class action has been filed by users against Ashley Madison for its failure to properly secure the hacked information, this lawsuit makes claims against the persons and entities who have obtained the stolen data, repurposed it such that it is easily accessible and searchable by the media and curious Internet users, and actively distributed it for their own gain.

Partner Karl Kronenberger stated, "Stolen property is stolen property, even if it is digital format, and those possessing it are violating the law. This crime is aggravated by the fact that it is such an egregious violation of the personal privacy of all Ashley Madison users."

John Doe Plaintiff commented, "The actions of the people who are running the search websites for the stolen data are absolutely criminal. They have inflicted horrible damage to so many people, including causing some to commit suicide. Prosecutors and the FTC need to take action to stop this criminal behavior as the Canadian authorities have done."

This entry was posted on Friday, September 11, 2015 and is filed under General News & Firm Announcements, Internet Law News.

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